Different Process, Better Results.

Unlike many companies that hire a select few employees and shut out the rest of the creative world, Cohesive operates by contracting key personnel on an as-needed basis to ensure the best product is created. This method also allows for more simultaneous projects as the number of projects isn't limited to the current staff.  All work will be performed by Derek Siems personally or with a US-based contractor approved by the customer when the scope extends outside of his expertise.  Your project will never be outsourced to a 3rd party without your knowledge and consent and usually only at your request.

Derek Siems

Founder/President/Project Leader

Derek has a long history with both design and engineering.  While working as an electronics repair technician, Derek earned his mechanical engineering degree with CAD/CAM electives and an English minor and was inducted as a member of the selective Tau Beta Pi engineering honors society.  After performing heavy machine design for the oil industry, Derek relocated to New York City to pursue consumer product development. Derek took the high-end cinema camera world by storm creating some of the most sought after professional camera products such as a much-needed professional viewfinder adapter for the Sony F3 cinema camera and a full rigging accessory kit for the Phantom Miro high-speed camera.  From there, Derek relocated to Houston, TX to act as Lead Mechanical Engineer for QSA Global's digital radiography line and later worked to design Cognita Labs' pulmonary illness diagnosis and treatment medical devices.
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