Bass Pedal Sample Project

The Bass Pedal sample project was created to demonstrate both the machine design capabilities of Cohesive as well as to show the many possible options for deliverable files. Cohesive can create a range of deliverables from animation videos to manufacturing prints to 3D print-ready solid models. Feel free to download and evaluate the samples below.

Assembly Animation

This is an assembly animation that can be delivered via a movie file (in a variety of formats), a private YouTube video, or a public YouTube video. Videos like this one can be used by assembly teams to better understand how to assemble a product, or be used by consumers if the end product has some assembly required.


3D PDFs are how Cohesive demonstrates progress with clients during the design process and can also be given to the client's customers for a more complete viewing experience of the product for online sales or pre-orders. These files enable the user to completely rotate a 3D Solidworks part or assembly without compromising the actual dimensions and other features that would enable the recipient to make the part. By using 3D PDFs, the client can visually confirm the work performed before giving payment.

Exploded Part Diagram

Inventory management is important to the manufacture a product. At the client's request, Cohesive can create an exploded parts diagram that lists all of the parts by name or number (as requested), including quantity, so it is easy to identify which parts correspond to which names or numbers and where they fall in relation to the assembly. In addition, path lines can be added for assembly instruction or an assembly video can be made (as seen above).

Manufacturing Drawing

For traditionally produced products that cannot be made from direct integration with part files, Cohesive can create standard manufacturing prints that create a concise layout of features and dimensions for machinists to use for CAM programming as well as quality control checks.

Deliverable Part File Formats

Below are three format samples of parts that can be downloaded to check for compatibility with your or your manufacturer/client's software. STEP files are the typical exchange format of solid models for manufacturing use and the STL format is the standard for 3D printing for prototypes or rapid manufacturing. Solidworks can export to many more formats, so if you need a different format, just ask!